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As a retained search firm, we’re hired by client companies to help them fill key leadership roles. This means we only work on jobs that client companies partner with us to fill. While we aren’t set up to help job seekers find opportunities or get interviews beyond what is posted on our website, we wanted to provide some resources and food for thought as you embark on your job search journey.

We often hear about the challenges and frustration that many candidates face when trying to land a great job in a competitive market. We also get to see and hear what’s working for candidates that are landing interviews and getting job offers! To this end, we have developed a library of useful job-hunting content that we think will make a positive difference in your search for meaningful work.

Lastly, as you begin prepping for a career change, keep us in mind, as you never know when we’ll have an opening that is a perfect fit with your skills and experiences! Subscribe to our newsletter that we send out once a month with all off our active jobs. See more job resources below.

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