The proof and benefit of building high performance leaders and teams is abundantly clear. Our consulting services support our search services with a deep level of expertise in organization assessment, leadership assessment, leadership development, and coaching.

Candidate Assessment

An enhanced level of assessment provides clarity to confidently select the best candidates for key executive level roles. We use expertise in business and human behavior to inform leadership hiring decisions.

Integration Planning

After putting the right people in the right seats, we deepen their impact and improve business performance by unlocking their full potential.  For incoming leaders, our integration planning provides critical insights on team members, culture and organization that accelerate a leader’s ability to deliver extraordinary results.

Leadership Assessment & Coaching

Assessment and coaching of leaders creates the unique opportunity to receive honest feedback and strategically execute steps to evolve, grow and face the next phase of business.

Team Development

The complexity and speed of business demands that teams perform at peak levels. We help teams establish priorities, clarify roles and build the trust needed to create and sustain momentum.

Leadership Development

In an ever-changing market, leaders must continuously learn and evolve. Through immersive experiences, we expose leaders and their teammates to new ideas, new practices and new ways of working that broaden and strengthen their ability to move their companies forward.