Wylie Robinson on the Evolution of Rumpl’s Talent Strategy

Wylie Robinson on the Evolution of Rumpl’s Talent Strategy

Roy is joined by Wylie Robinson, CEO and Co-Founder of Rumpl, a Climate Neutral Certified B Corp and proud member of 1% for the Planet. By using performance materials that are most commonly found in premium outdoor gear, Rumpl is on a mission to introduce the world to better blankets. Before moving out to Portland, OR and modernizing the puffy blanket, Wylie worked as a designer with branding agency Landor in San Francisco. Wylie shares how his approach to hiring has evolved throughout Rumpl’s growth. The two also discuss how the brand’s compelling vision and values have helped attract top talent and drive its success.


  • Wylie’s path to becoming an entrepreneur (1:51)
  • Making Rumpl’s very first hires (7:26)
  • Overcoming the growing pains of starting a company (8:53)
  • Lessons learned from hiring challenges (10:41)
  • Pursuing more equity in the hiring process (12:05)
  • How he attracted talent with limited resources early on (14:35)
  • How hiring needs have shifted as the company has grown (16:15)
  • What makes the Rumpl culture so unique? (23:01)
  • The value of hiring engaged employees (24:56)
  • The employment brand’s development (28:29)
  • The pros and cons of remote and hybrid work (36:29)
  • Advice for entrepreneurs who are just starting out (37:22)

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