Trip Randall on hiring and shaping team culture at Nike

Trip Randall VP GM Nike Running

Trip Randall is the former VP of Running at Nike and has held a number of positions with the brand over the last 20 years. In this episode, he shares how he navigated the iconic company’s scale, complexity, and reputation to make great hires.

Most recently, Trip led merchandising, marketing, sales, and operational efforts in the U.S. and Canada for Nike Running. His past roles at Nike include Director of Product Creation, Director of USA Performance Footwear, VP of Global Sales for Nike Kids, and VP and Global GM for Trip is dedicated to building and leading effective teams and understands the value of a strong culture.  



  • Nike’s evolving hiring landscape (7:03)
  • Trip’s approach to teams and culture (11:31)
  • How people and business strategy inform each other (14:33)
  • Why Nike Running rethought their people strategy (15:20)
  • What Trip looked for in Nike candidates (18:20)
  • The top three competencies for success at Nike (24:31)
  • Trip’s advice for anyone aspiring to build their career at Nike (32:06)
  • How hiring decisions were made in a consensus-driven organization (35:03)
  • What Trip has learned from hiring successes and failures (36:38)

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