Tom Duncan, CEO, on innovating in the home improvement industry

Tom Duncan spent 15 years as the CEO of Positec, the innovative, market-leading power tool company, where he now serves on the board. Tom started the American division of Positec in 2005 and oversaw their successful growth strategy; Positec’s direct to consumer brands, Worx and Rockwell, are two of the fastest growing tool brands in the world. With a wealth of experience leading this challenger brand, Tom has developed an agile and process-oriented approach to hiring.


  • Positec’s formula for success (4:26)
  • His “two way street” hiring philosophy (7:33)
  • One valuable lesson he’s learned from hiring mistakes (9:27)
  • Why process is key (10:10)
  • Early hiring challenges during Positec’s rapid growth (12:44)
  • How Positec’s global business factored into their talent strategy (15:28) 
  • The benefits and drawbacks of hiring within your network (17:09)
  • Tom’s advice for emerging leaders (27:00)

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