True Religion’s Theresa Watts on Redefining Organizational Culture

Theresa Watts on How I Hire podcast

Theresa Watts is the Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at True Religion Brand Jeans, where she has helped to redefine and shape culture in order to design, build, and implement programs and policies that strengthen the organization. Employee relationships are central to Theresa’s leadership philosophy, and they inform her hiring strategy.


  • How she stays connected to remote workers (8:04)
  • The brand’s current priorities (9:37)
  • How Theresa views candidates who have made mistakes or faced failure (12:04)
  • Her approach to implementing equitable, inclusive, and effective hiring processes (13:41)
  • Why it’s important to open doors and see talent in different forms (21:44)
  • Her success profile for a C-level or VP role (24:03)
  • Theresa’s take on flexibility and remote work (25:47)
  • Her advice for current job seekers… (30:25)
  • …And those who are just starting their careers (33:08)

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