Steve Bonomo, Head of Global Talent Acquisition for Twitter

Steve Bonomo is the Head of Global Talent Acquisition for Twitter. Steve brings a wealth of experience from outside of the tech world to his role at Twitter. Before joining Twitter, he was the Vice President of Talent Acquisition at Adidas and a Recruiting Manager with TaylorMade Golf.

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Highlights from our conversation include:

  • Defining what a Head of Global Talent Acquisition does (1:14)
  • Hiring differences between the tech and sports industries (6:40)
  • Three key elements of better hiring (13:22)
  • What makes a successful recruiter (15:02)
  • Predictions for the future of recruiting (16:43)
  • Working toward the most efficient hiring process (18:03)
  • How remote workforces can yield the best talent (19:56)
  • Leveraging data and analytics (22:11)

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