2020 Recap: Key Strategies for Hiring in 2021

How I Hire podcast Key Strategies for Hiring in 2021

We highlight some of the many key pieces of wisdom guests have shared over the last year. Tune in to hear lessons from top hiring leaders to take into 2021 and beyond.

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Highlights from our conversation include

  • Dr. Stacey Philpot (Executive Development Consulting) discusses the ways companies are shifting how they think about leadership (0:52)
  • Lisa Bougie shares how Stitch Fix assessed for people, values, and leadership (2:56)
  • Jodi Bricker’s approach to shaping culture at Quay Australia (5:09)
  • Serilda Summers-McGee on building healthy, inclusive workplace cultures (6:30)
  • Kristi McFarland explores the value of strong community at New Seasons (7:36)
  • Trip Randall’s advice for avoiding hiring mistakes (8:42)
  • The two main qualities Aimée Lapic (GoPro) looks for in candidates (11:43)
  • Jaime Schmidt on hiring at a fast-growing company (12:43)
  • Why Scott Allan hired overqualified talent at Hydro Flask (14:09)

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