Roy Notowitz on The Outdoor Biz Podcast

The Outdoor Biz Podcast

Rick Saez interviews Roy Notowitz on The Outdoor Biz Podcast.

Hear the story about how Roy and his team have spent the last decade helping build iconic consumer brands, one hire at a time. Get a behind the scenes look at the magic of what the team does. 

Highlights from the podcast:

  • Roy’s early outdoor experience skiing and fishing
  • Roy’s work experience: recruiting at Nike during a time of rapid growth, as founder of the Generator Group, starting Noto Group Executive Search and launching the podcast, How I Hire.
  • Accomplishment of being the first outdoor industry professional services firm to become a B Corp.
  • Expanding Noto Group’s client base beyond the athletic and outdoor industry to work in parallel consumer sectors, such as food beverage, grocery, natural products, restaurant hospitality.
  • Cross-pollinating to generate a more diverse range of candidates for clients.
  • Cultivating and engaging a talent ecosystem to include a really engaged network.
  • Launching Noto Group’s leadership consulting practice with Dr. Ted Freeman.
  • Advice for candidates and newly minted job seekers.
  • Roy’s mentors along the way and how he tries to pay it forward.
  • Noto Group’s non-profit work focused on equity and education, environmental conservation and outdoor education.