Noto Group’s Purpose-Driven Approach Nets Results for Brands and Executives

Can you tell us what it means to be a purpose- and mission-driven search firm?

Roy Notowitz: I think that the best place to start is with our vision to be the go-to firm for “good companies.”

This means that we only work with client companies that have authentic leadership at the top, great culture, and meaningful career opportunities for our network of executives with similar values and standards. My team can more passionately represent brands that they believe in whole-heartedly.

We donate over 1 percent of our revenue to causes we believe in, and we are meaningfully invested in helping clients thrive, which ultimately supports their efforts be a force for good in the world.

Through this alignment, we’ve gained momentum in cultivating a vast talent network which enables us to authentically engage with top leaders in the industry segments we serve.

You’ve earned your B Corp Certification – what does that mean for you?

Roy Notowitz: To become a certified B Corp, also called a “benefit corporation,” a company has to meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

We were the first executive search firm in our industry to certify in 2013. Since then, we have re-certified 3 times and we utilized the process to improve in measurable ways.

Being B-Corp Certified on its own merit does not necessarily make us better at our craft. However, we always say that this is a place where recruiters come to do the best work of their career. So being B-Corp Certified and earning a spot on the “Best for Workers” list 6 years in a row helps us attract and retain the top talent for our own team.

We did not certify as a way to win clients, but over the years we have worked with over 20 other B-corp Certified companies including Allbirds, Guayakí, Lululemon, Nuun, Paka Apparel, Patagonia, and Rumpl. Through the community we have also been able to participate in leadership development, networking, and collective actions at the local and national level. B Corps use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. That’s a natural fit with our ethos.

You mentioned clients, can you tell us about the industries in which you work, the placements that you do?

Roy Notowitz: We like to say that we work with companies that support healthy, active, and sustainable lifestyles, but our client base extends beyond that definition.

In addition to the B-corps listed above, we have worked with over 200 other client companies over the past 14 years. Some notable other clients include: Bio-Lite, Breeo, Brooks, Callaway, Castelli, Cervelo, DC Shoes, Decked, Dyno Jet, Giro, Harley Davidson, Hydro Flask, Outdoor Research, Salomon, Santa Cruz, Smith Optics, Thousand, and Triple Eight.

Most of our search work is at the VP and C-level, but we also support Director-level roles across most disciplines, including: Brand, Marketing, Finance, Sales, Ecommerce, Product Creation, Operations, Supply Chain, Logistics, Retail, and Human Resources.

We are best utilized when a brand is looking for a trusted partner to recruit a key executive or build an entire leadership team in response to rapid growth, a new initiative, a change in strategy or turn around scenario.

Our consistency in getting the best results for clients is how we have been able to average over 25% year-over-year growth for the last 12 years.

Long-term client relationships and significant repeat business is a big part of our success formula. We are passionate about our work and we feel super lucky to work in this industry. So that gives you an idea of what we are all about.

Scott Allan, when he was CEO at HydroFlask, gave us this testimonial: “We have had three engagements with Noto Group in less than eighteen months as we continue to grow and build out our leadership team. Noto Group proved themselves by working closely with us, understanding our culture and delivering outstanding, talented executives.”

Noto Group works with client companies that have a positive culture, leadership vision, and a commitment to the growth and support of executives who work for them. To learn more, visit our thought-leadership blog or listen to our “How I Hire” podcast, or contact us through our website.