Paloma Medina on the Psychology of Bias

Paloma Medina

Paloma Medina is a speaker, coach, and entrepreneur specializing in organizational performance improvement. She approaches her work in leadership, equity, and inclusion through the lens of psychology and systems thinking. In 2019, Paloma challenged the model of diversity in the workplace through her TEDxPortland talk. In this episode, she’ll expand on the ideas she introduced in the talk and explore ways to make hiring processes more equitable.


  • How she became interested in systems thinking (1:32)
  • The genesis of her TEDx talk (3:50)
  • Why “diversity,” “equity,” and “inclusion” are not synonyms (6:16)
  • How Paloma would update the talk for our current context (7:22)
  • The psychology of bias and how it shows up in hiring (11:15)
  • How leaders can evaluate bias in their own processes (15:24)
  • The outsized impact of the pandemic on women and BIPOC talent (21:22)

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