Network and Interview Your Way to Success with Merryn Roberts-Huntley

Noto Group Job Search Series podcast with Merryn Roberts-Huntley and Roy Notowitz, on how to plan, prep and focus your job search.

Job Search Strategy Series – Part 2

Merryn Roberts-Huntley joins us back on the podcast to share her insight into how job seekers can successfully navigate this challenging time. Merryn is a job search expert who has helped thousands of people learn the skills they need to land their dream jobs. Through her company, Made to Hire, which includes her book, online training courses, and workshops, Merryn provides job seekers with tools and resources to refine their personal brands and market themselves.

In part two of our conversation, we discuss how to:

  • Search for the right roles
  • Network successfully
  • Set realistic goals
  • Virtually make connections
  • Maintain relationships over time
  • Utilize LinkedIn
  • Stay up to date within your industry
  • Continue to develop relevant skill sets
  • Get into the right mindset
  • Understand suitability
  • Communicate strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop an interview strategy

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Noto Group Job Search Series podcast with Merryn Roberts-Huntley

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