Our Favorite National Parks

Spring is quickly approaching and the Notogroup team is itching to get outside! So, we’ve put together a list of our favorite spots to camp, hike, and explore the great outdoors.

Crater Lake

Photo credit: Marie Rossmiller

Located in beautiful Southern Oregon, Crater Lake is a wonder of the National Parks Service. Just 5 hours south of Portland, a visit makes for the perfect long-weekend road trip.

“I had the chance to visit a couple years ago during the Fourth of July. A few close friends and I camped at a small lake nearby and drove to the national park on Saturday. We spent the day driving to different parts of the lake to get out, hike, and explore. It’s a true national treasure and must-see, especially for Oregonians. I’m happy that something so beautiful is accessible to the public and remains a celebrated part of geographic history in this state.” – Marie

Glacier National Park

Photo Credit: Meredith Mortice

Stretching from the Montana wilderness across the Canadian Border, Glacier National Park features stunning glacier-carved valleys and a hidden lake.

“We drove along Going to the Sun Road, which spans the entire park. It was incredible. The glaciers, canyons, and lakes were amazing, and our five-day trip there wasn’t long enough.” – Meredith

Wellesley Island State Park

Photo Cred: NY State Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation
Located in Northern New York, Wellesley Island State Park gives travelers and locals a beautiful view of the St. Lawrence river on all sides.

“There’s nothing like waking up on the river, and going fishing when the water is glassy calm. The river represents a time in my life when I was discovering freedom, nature, and fishing, which has become an analogy for my life.” – Roy

Silver Falls State Park

Photo Credit: Oregon Parks and Recreation Department
Home of 10 waterfalls, this Oregon State Park is a hiker’s paradise.

“I love going to Silver Falls on a day trip to view all of the waterfalls. The park is a great hike, and only a few hours away from the city. It seems as though the falls never stop, and when I need a peaceful day away, this is my go-to.” – Jackie

Yellowstone National Park

Photo Credit: National Parks Service
The home to stunning landscapes and natural wonders, Yellowstone’s canyons, rivers, hot springs, and geysers are sure to create an astounding outdoor experience.

“My husband surprised me with a trip to Yellowstone in the middle of January.  I thought he was crazy, since the temperatures drop below zero most nights.  It ended up being the most unique and beautiful experience.  Winter at Yellowstone gives you the opportunity to see the wildlife and the park from a different perspective.” – Candie

Mt. St. Helens

Photo Credit: U.S. Geological Survey
With stunning views from across Spirit Lake, Mt. St. Helens earned its place as a National Monument following its eruption in 1980. The active volcano is an incredible Northwest site, with breathtaking views and a history all its own.

“It’s a very fulfilling experience to be able to summit a volcano in one day. To see that it is still actively steaming and then to look across over the clouds to see Mount Adams, Rainier and Hood. You feel extremely small and on top of the world at the same time. Its humbling and grounding.” – Gennevieve