Nadine Hall on Building and Supporting Teams at Hanesbrands

Nadine Hall is a cross-functional business leader, having spent decades innovating in apparel and consumer products at companies like HanesBrands and Sara Lee. At both the president and SVP levels, Nadine oversaw billions of dollars of retail value, built and developed successful teams, and established high-growth business models across a variety of product lines and business units. Nadine’s leadership style includes a collaborative approach to innovative business strategy, data-driven analytics, and breakthrough models for brand growth and development. She’s also a board member, consultant, and advisor for companies in and outside the apparel industry.

Nadine and Roy discuss how she developed her approach to leadership, what she looks for when interviewing potential candidates, the importance of a forward-thinking hiring strategy, and much more.



  • Experiences that shaped Nadine’s approach to leadership and hiring (3:20)
  • Development internal teams vs. recruiting external candidates (10:34)
  • What Nadine looked for when hiring for her leadership team (12:28)
  • Evaluating a candidate’s ability to navigate a large corporate matrix (19:14)
  • Supporting her team when they were making high stakes hires (25:37)
  • Lessons learned from hiring successes and failures (27:43)
  • What Nadine wishes she knew earlier in her career (31:16)

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