Monica Williams, SVP Digital Products and Operations at NBC Universal

Monica Williams, Senior Vice President of Digital Products and Operations at NBCUniversal Content Distribution, shares her approach to building outstanding teams and fostering an intentional, empowering, and inspiring culture. In her 16 years at NBCUniversal, Monica has held a variety of roles and led innovative growth in the digital product space. Monica is also the founding member of the private network Chief’s Los Angeles location.

Highlights from our conversation include:

  • Monica’s transition from GE Aviation to NBCUniversal (1:43)
  • Key lessons from her leadership training (8:31)
  • How Six Sigma has influenced her hiring approach (10:54)
  • Identifying candidates who will thrive in a quickly evolving industry (11:56)
  • Why creative thinking is essential in her world (15:10)
  • Monica’s go-to interview questions and red flags (17:14)
  • How she empowers and unlocks talent within her team (20:11)
  • How her team geared up for the Olympics (26:40)

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