Talking Modern Leadership with Carola Frisch, Founder of Frisch Search

Carola Frisch is the Founder of Frisch Search, an executive search firm based in London that works with iconic lifestyle and consumer brands in high growth and transformation. Their clients have included Nike, Vans, The North Face, Starbucks, and many more. Carola has been championing a concept she calls Modern Leadership; leaders inspire purpose and culture as much as they drive performance and growth.


  • Executive search trends (4:13)
  • The true value of executive search services (5:14)
  • What’s happening in the European business and talent market (8:34)
  • Changes in leadership skills and mindsets (10:53)
  • Debunking ageism in hiring (12:34)
  • Defining modern leadership (14:33)
  • Why some companies still struggle to select capable leaders (18:03)
  • Advice for talent acquisition professionals (21:32)
  • How modern leadership supports DEI efforts (23:35)
  • 3 things hiring executives should take action on (27:35)

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