Mickey Bradley, Executive Coach and Consultant

Mickey Bradley Executive Coach

Mickey Bradley is a certified Executive Coach who has been helping leaders and teams in the private, public, and non-profit sectors achieve better work experiences and higher performance since 2005.  Functioning as a sounding board, sparring partner, teacher, confidante, and unwavering ally, Mickey helps clients gain focus and clarity, overcome obstacles, increase confidence, and accelerate results.  Starting from the premise that the client is already strong and successful, he works to build on current strengths and lead clients to insights and solutions that work for them.  He has coached hundreds of people in dozens of companies for greater career success and bottom-line impact. 

In addition to coaching, Mickey is an organizational consultant specializing in Strategic Culture Change, Team Effectiveness, and Skill Building, often through a DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) lens.  He has conducted many training sessions around the world on topics including Conflict Resolution, Effective Communication, Implicit Bias, Engagement, Working across Differences, Building Trust, and more.  He diagnoses organizational needs and designs solutions to create a performance-driven culture that leverages everyone’s full knowledge, experience, and talent.

Residing in Albany, NY, Mickey is an avid traveler who has visited every continent.  He has authored two nationally best-selling baseball books.