Liz Valentine on building innovative digital marketing teams

Liz Valentine is the CEO and Co-Founder of Swift, a Portland-based, client-founded digital marketing agency. In this episode, she’ll share her inclusive, values-driven approach to building creative teams. We’ll also hear her hiring advice to leaders of fast-growing startups.

Highlights from our conversation include

● Entrepreneurial thinking and digital innovation (2:10)
● Starting a creative agency (3:55)
● Her approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion (7:56)
● How she looks for candidates who thrive in an agency environment (11:26)
● “Swiftology” and how she assesses value-alignment (14:25)
● Making the shift to virtual work (18:43)
● Culture “fit” vs. culture “add” (21:19)
● What changed for Liz after the WPP acquisition (22:11)
● Hiring differences between Swift and WT (24:02)
● Overseeing values-driven hiring on a large scale (26:59)
● The many hats a modern CMO has to wear (29:15)
● Marketing during an economic downturn (30:34)

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