Leadership Integration and Acceleration: Laying a Foundation for Success

Your organization just made an important executive hire – now what? Organizational Psychologists Dr. Stacey Philpot and Dr. Ted Freeman are here to answer this question and more. The two join Roy to continue their conversation around leadership transitions, discussing the ins and outs of leadership integration and acceleration.

Ted and Stacey have been partnering with Noto Group on these kinds of complex and mission critical VP and C-Level hires for the last few years. Ted has extensive experience as an organization development consultant and executive. He previously served as Culture Officer at EILEEN FISHER, INC and couples this expertise with more than a decade of consulting experience in the areas of leadership development, organizational effectiveness, and executive coaching. Stacey brings over 20 years of experience as an organizational consultant to her role as Managing Partner at Executive Development Consulting. She’s advised Fortune 500 companies and CEOs on how to use leadership development to accelerate growth and increase their competitive advantage.

Leadership integration and acceleration


  • Concerns senior executives may have when entering new organizations (2:55)
  • The four essential elements of success for new executive hires (5:17)
  • Key steps when onboarding and integrating leadership teams (6:59)
  • How to help new leaders productively and successfully engage with stakeholders (7:52)
  • Challenges and risks faced by organizations when bringing in senior executives (9:29)
  • The necessity for self-awareness and planning when entering a role (15:03)
  • How to speed up the process of recalibration (18:15)
  • The importance of contextualizing a new hire’s mandate for change within the ecosystem of the organization (21:16)
  • The recipe for organizational success (22:10)

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