Katrina Hahn, Former SVP of Bare Snacks

Katrina Hahn

Katrina Hahn is a visionary general management leader with a history of driving dramatic growth and leading exceptional teams across the food, health and beauty, household cleaning, and durable goods industries. As the Senior Vice President of Bare Snacks, Katrina and her team doubled the company’s size before their acquisition by Frito-Lay in 2018.

Before joining Bare Snacks, Katrina was the Vice President of Sales and Customer Marketing at Mrs. Meyers/Caldrea. Her experience extends to brands like Campbell Soup, Clorox, Brita, and more. Katrina has also served on various nonprofit boards dedicated to advancing women in the workplace, supporting young people on the path to college, and helping people save water, reduce waste, and conserve energy.

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  • Transitioning from large to small companies (2:35)
  • Hiring differences between big and small brands (3:40)
  • Why culture fit is so important at entrepreneurial organizations (9:33)
  • Bringing hires in from big CPG companies to small organizations. (11:28)
  • Finding success in recruiting from outside of the industry (13:12)
  • How she uses her network to build candidate pools (15:04)
  • The experience she creates for candidates (16:23)
  • Trusting her gut in making a hire (17:00)
  • Moving through situations of doubt (17:54)
  • The tools, tips, and tricks she uses with her teams (19:02)
  • Challenges Katrina has faced in recruiting (20:06)
  • The skills and competencies she finds most essential (20:52)
  • Balancing technical know-how with culture fit (22:28)
  • How she defines culture fit (23:01)
  • Why investing in people is vital to success (25:57)
  • Her advice for fast-growing brands (26:38)

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