John Vlastelica on ways to improve hiring efficiency, quality and diversity 

John Vlastelica is the founder and CEO of  Recruiting Toolbox, a consulting and training firm helping companies recruit and hire better; with more speed, efficacy, and diversity. John and Roy dig into current and future trends in recruiting, common mistakes that companies make in the hiring process, and how clarity and alignment can make all the difference in attracting and retaining top talent.

John brings an incredible wealth of recruiting experience and perspective to the conversation. He has spent the last two decades refining effective hiring tools and processes, developing employment sourcing and interviewing strategies for a wide range of legendary brands like Google, Amazon, LinkedIn, Pepsi, Nike, and many more. John and his team at Recruiting Toolbox develop customized training for corporate recruiters and hiring managers to help them improve who and how they hire.

John Vlastelica


  • How John and his team help client companies (2:46)
  • The components and importance of a holistic talent strategy (3:45)
  • When companies need to start thinking about talent strategy (6:20)
  • Trends, challenges, and opportunities facing talent acquisition leaders (11:56)
  • Where companies are falling short in talent acquisition (13:41)
  • How John and his team help companies determine what good looks like in hiring (15:54)
  • Ways in which companies can inventory their processes and personnel to enhance the recruitment process (19:25)
  • Helping companies avoid false negatives and improve their hiring decision quality (22:41)
  • John’s predictions for the future of recruiting (25:33)
  • Hiring advice for smaller companies without talent acquisition leadership (30:42)

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