Jodi Bricker, CEO of Quay Australia

Jodi Bricker is the CEO of Quay Australia, a buzzworthy brand aiming to disrupt the monopolized eyewear industry through bold style, affordability, and self-expression. She and her team have cemented Quay’s status as the fastest growing eyewear brand on Instagram and launched a series of celebrity collaborations with some of the most notable names in Hollywood, including Lizzo, Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez, and Chrissy Teigen.

Jodi honed her leadership skills with brands like Levi Strauss and Gap. She’s an omnichannel retail expert and inspiring leader with a keen understanding of customers, products, and innovation. Jodi has a unique take on what makes a successful candidate and is committed to paying it forward by lifting up women in business.

Jodi Bricker, CEO Quay Australia

Highlights from our conversation include

  • Her early career and how she adapted to a digital mindset (2:33
  • How she pivoted to working with smaller, growth-oriented teams (4:43)
  • Why she sees this moment as an acceleration rather than a disruption (6:01)
  • Her hiring philosophy and why she gravitates toward “athletes” (6:54)
  • Her approach to leading teams (11:01)
  • What she looks for in candidates beyond their resume (14:58)
  • The delicate balance between growing a brand and preserving its culture (17:45)
  • The challenges and opportunities presented by the COVID 19 pandemic (19:04)
  • How the Quay team connects to purpose in their work (21:57)
  • Jodi’s predictions for the future of retail (23:58)
  • How she empowers other women and the future generation of leaders (27:38)
  • Her advice to current job seekers (29:20)

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