A Recruiter’s Perspective on Job Search Strategy Part 1: Preparing and Networking

Kate Sargent is a talent acquisition expert and job search strategy coach, assisting both companies and candidates alike in matching top talent with career defining roles. In Part 1 of their deep dive conversation, Kate and Roy discuss how candidates can successfully approach and prepare for a job search, and how fostering authentic relationships in the networking process can make or break a job search.

Kate lends a unique perspective to the conversation – she’s served as Head of Global Talent Acquisition for iconic brands like Allbirds and Method, and has most recently served as the VP of People Operations at The Citizenry. Simultaneously, Kate’s built a successful career coaching business, helping candidates refine their search strategy, hone their job seeking assets, and distill their experience into highly relevant and engaging interviews. Her expansive knowledge of the talent pipeline and acquisition process make this discussion essential listening for both candidates and recruiters.



  • How Kate coaches and supports job seekers (3:59)
  • How to prepare for a job search  (5:47)
  • The importance of distilling and communicating personal narratives (11:29)
  • Ways in which Kate helps job candidates develop a focused job search (17:02)
  • How to track progress during the job search (22:23)
  • Using resources like Linkedin to research roles, network, and maintain relationships (25:36)
  • Ways to foster authentic and reciprocal relationships (27:29)
  • Tips to help job seekers network more successfully (30:26)
  • Building and maintaining relationships with recruiters (34:18)

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