Wüsthof CEO Jan-Patrick Schmitz on Hiring and Building Global Teams

Jan-Patrick Schmitz shares advice for navigating culturally complex business dynamics in remote and global teams.

Roy is joined by Jan-Patrick Schmitz, CEO of the Wüsthof Group. Wüsthof is a family-run business that has been manufacturing quality cutlery for over 200 years. Prior to Wüsthof, Jan-Patrick served as a key member of the leadership team at Montblanc. He’s spent over 20 years working in brand management, establishing himself as a seasoned thought leader in the consumer space. His extensive experience ranges from the development of luxury brands as the Founder and CEO of Muirbury & Co, to serving on the board of directors of Thornwillow Press and the German American Chamber. Roy and Jan-Patrick discuss key factors to consider when hiring and leading teams across borders and cultural contexts.


  • Lessons from Jan-Patrick’s early career move from Germany to Japan (3:47)
  • How leaders can cultivate trust and credibility with global teams (7:09)
  • Advice for navigating culturally complex business dynamics (8:28)
  • How Jan-Patrick builds cohesion in remote and global teams (12:08)
  • Methods for assessing the performance of international teams (21:07)
  • What Jan-Patrick looks for in a leader (24:45)
  • His experience building a DTC business at an established company (26:12)
  • How Jan-Patrick’s vision informs competencies and roles (28:28)
  • His “unorthodox” interview style (30:47)
  • How he engages stakeholders in global hiring processes (32:56)
  • The three most essential skills effective global leaders must have (34:33)

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