Jaime Schmidt, Founder of Schmidt’s Naturals

Jaime Schmidt

Jaime Schmidt is the Founder of industry-disrupting brand Schmidt’s Naturals. With Schmidt’s, she brought natural personal care products into the mainstream and scaled the company from kitchen to acquisition.

Jaime is dedicated to building better businesses and recently launched two new ventures: Supermaker, a media platform that celebrates emerging entrepreneurs, and Color, an inclusive investment fund. You can learn more about Jaime at jaimeschmidt.info

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Highlights from our conversation include

  • Retracing Jaime’s entrepreneurial path (1:58)
  • How she knew it was time to scale Schmidt’s (5:27)
  • Key hires that helped her grow her company (8:15)
  • The unique challenges of recruiting for a startup (11:05)
  • How she evaluated candidates beyond their resumes (11:40)
  • The process of defining and assessing for Schmidt’s culture (18:44)
  • The management and hiring structure behind Schmidt’s (20:27)
  • Partnering with Unilever (24:50)
  • Her new projects aimed at supporting entrepreneurs (26:13)

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