Defining success – not just a job description

Job descriptions often fall short of really defining success. It is common practice for companies to use generic job descriptions that simply list duties, skills, knowledge and experience required. The two missing elements in the generic descriptions are context and competence. Some employers and recruiters use proficiency models to predict technical expertise and how the candidate might perform in the role.

Success really needs to be defined more thoroughly by identifying a framework for what you want the person in the role to actually accomplish in the first 12 months and beyond. How will this hire help to achieve the long range vision and goals of the company? Having this level of detail helps to sell the job, enables competency based screening, and sets the right expectations with potential hires.

In our recent podcast with Katrina Hahn, former Senior Vice President of Bare Snacks, she outlines the skills and competencies she finds most essential in finding and recruiting talented people.