Hiring for a New Era of Commerce with Andy Ruben, Founder of Trove

Hiring for a New Era of Commerce with Andy Ruben, Founder of Trove

Trove Founder and Executive Chairman Andy Ruben joins Roy to discuss his journey to entrepreneurship, how his business’s needs and culture have evolved over the years, and why he values thoughtful talent strategy.

Andy has spent the better part of the past three decades working in brand strategy, retail, consumer products, and sustainability. In 2004, he became Walmart’s inaugural Chief Sustainability Officer, where he led change across the business and its suppliers before serving as a VP with the retailer. While Andy hadn’t always planned to pursue sustainability, he discovered a passion for the work and went on to found Trove, one of the most innovative companies in the space.

Over the years, Andy and his team have helped drive the growing re-commerce market. Through their trade-in and branded resale services, Trove has teamed up with world-class brands like Lululemon, Patagonia, Levi’s, REI and others to keep their products in circulation and reduce waste.


  • Andy’s unexpected path to sustainability work (3:24)
  • How he brought sustainability into Walmart’s boardroom (6:09)
  • Taking the leap from Walmart to Trove (9:44)
  • How Trove’s hiring needs changed as the brand scaled (15:13)
  • The role vision and mission plays in recruiting prospective talent (17:43)
  • Andy’s approach to building success profiles (20:23)
  • Lessons learned from past hiring mistakes (26:16)
  • Understanding cultural elements that attract or repel talent (30:25)
  • How Trove is navigating in-office, remote, hybrid, and flexible arrangements (39:02)

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