How to Support, Motivate, and Retain Parents in the Workplace with Greer Van Dyck

Organizational coach Greer Van Dyck joins Roy to explore how organizations can better support, motivate, and retain people throughout their parenthood journey.

Maintaining a full time job and starting a family presents unique challenges – along with an opportunity for organizations to more effectively support their employees in the process. Through her coaching business, Windrose, Greer works with management and leadership teams to foster psychological safety, transparency, and support for employees in all stages of parenthood. In her own words, Greer is “helping change the way organizations lead.”

Supporting Parents in the Workplace with Greer Van Dyck

Highlights From Our Conversation Include

  • Greer’s approach to supporting clients (2:36)
  • Challenges, failure points, and risks organizations run into around parenthood (4:38)
  • When leaders should look for outside support (7:29)
  • How to address troubling workplace statistics related to parents and parental benefits (9:51)
  • The importance of communicating needs in order to affect organizational change (13:19)
  • How somebody might initiate a dialogue with their company around parental support (15:36)
  • How candidates can evaluate parental support within an organization (16:45)
  • Incorporating and communicating parental support within the recruitment process (18:52)
  • Initial steps to make your company more parent friendly (19:57)

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