Founder Transitions: Mitigating Risk and Maximizing Value

Founder Transitions: Mitigating Risk and Maximizing Value

CEO Hiring: Supporting Founder Transitions with Dr. Stacey Philpot and Dr. Ted Freeman

Hiring a new CEO is a high stakes event, especially when a founder is involved. Roy sits down with Organizational Psychologists Dr. Stacey Philpot and Dr. Ted Freeman to discuss what it takes to successfully navigate these founder transitions. The three walk through each step involved. They share their insights into the challenges and opportunities at play and the unique partnership between a new CEO and founder.

Ted and Stacey have been partnering with Noto Group on these kinds of complex and mission critical VP and C-Level hires for the last few years. Ted has extensive experience as an organization development consultant and executive. He previously served as Culture Officer at EILEEN FISHER, INC and couples this expertise with more than a decade of consulting experience in the areas of leadership development, organizational effectiveness, and executive coaching. Stacey brings over 20 years of experience as an organizational consultant to her role as Managing Partnecr at Executive Development Consulting. She’s advised Fortune 500 companies and CEOs on how to use leadership development to accelerate growth and increase their competitive advantage. Both will be back in the future to dig further into leadership integration.


  • Why founder transitions happen (3:16)
  • The importance of having a plan in these high risk events (4:00)
  • The kind of support available to organizations (5:33)
  • The distinct partnership between a CEO and founder (7:33)
  • What experts like Ted and Stacey consider when approaching these processes (8:56)
  • How they help companies handle bumps in the road (10:57)
  • Helpful scenarios they’ve worked through with clients (12:30)
  • How these transitions impact existing teams (24:51)
  • Tools and assessments that can inform CEO selection (27:38)

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