Dr. Ted Freeman Discusses Psychological Capital

Dr. Ted Freeman joins me on this special episode to discuss Psychological Capital, a framework we can use to maintain performance and wellbeing in difficult times. We get into evidence-based practices we can follow to improve our (and our teams’) ability to manage stressors and pressures now and in the future.

Ted has extensive experience as an organization development consultant and executive. He served as Culture Officer at EILEEN FISHER, INC., the purpose-driven and sustainable women’s apparel brand based in New York City. He couples his executive background with more than a decade of consulting experience in the areas of leadership development, organizational effectiveness, and executive coaching.

Listen to the podcast

Highlights from our conversation include:

  • An overview of Psychological Capital (2:32)
  • The increased stressors that employees are facing (3:52)
  • The relationship between pressure and performance (5:38)
  • The four components (HERO) of Psychological Capital (9:47)
  • Hope (10:32)
  • Efficacy (13:58)
  • Resilience (18:01)
  • Optimism (19:51)
  • How to implement the Psychological Capital framework (23:09)
  • The role leaders should (and should not) take on with their teams (26:24)
  • Why the concept of Psychological Capital is relevant in any time (28:11)
  • Ted’s advice for leaders in this moment (29:03)

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