Dr. Stacey Philpot on Taking a Data-Driven Approach to Hiring

Stacey Philpot, PhD on How I Hire podcast

Dr. Stacey Philpot is a Managing Partner at Executive Development Consulting. She has spent over 20 years as an organizational consultant and has advised Fortune 500 companies and CEOs on how to use leadership development to accelerate growth and increase their competitive advantage. Stacey’s clients have included Apple, General Mills, Johnson & Johnson, JPMorgan Chase, Nike, and PayPal. Previously, she was the head of Deloitte’s Succession & Leadership Development Practice. Stacey masterfully combines her expertise as a psychologist and executive in her work. She emphasizes a thoughtful and thorough data-driven approach to hiring and joins the podcast to share her perspective on this vital trend as well as three things hiring executives should do as they reset and rehire their teams.

Listen to the podcast

Highlights from our conversation include

  • How our current moment has shifted leadership expectations (3:48)
  • Why a data-driven approach can increase diversity and retention (6:30)
  • The key to unlocking high performance within organizations (7:52)
  • Changes in how companies view leadership (9:09)
  • The high cost of hiring mistakes (12:33)
  • Why many companies aren’t selecting the right leaders (13:50)
  • What makes an effective leader (14:44)
  • Why leadership is context-dependent (15:57)
  • Understanding common biases (16:57)
  • Three things successful organizations are doing (18:36)
  • How Stacey helps companies transition to new types of leadership (19:18)
  • How companies can use data to improve their process (21:22)
  • How companies can move toward an “elastic culture” (24:16)
  • Culture fit vs. culture add (25:17)
  • Three things hiring executives should do as they reset and rehire their teams (28:15)

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