Dina Keenan on How I Hire Podcast

Dina Keenan


Marketing veteran Dina Keenan joins Roy Notowitz to dive deeper into what companies should look for in a modern CMO. With 25+ years’ experience, Dina blends her agency and in-house background for a unique and insightful POV on identifying a strong marketing leader and lends her personal learnings and anecdotes from her own hiring experiences. 

In this podcast you’ll hear why the most successful CMOs are those that know where their strengths and weaknesses lie and hire a strong team to balance the scales. Hear Dina’s own experience on learning when to invest and develop a team member – “when they know better, they do better” – and when its best to simply cut your losses.

You’ll also learn why the best CMOs are a balance of magic (creative) and logic (analytical). And why self-introspection is necessary to ensure a lasting and meaningful fit with the brand. 

Dina also explains why a never-ending sense of curiosity and a (mild) obsession with your customer can be a CMOs best assets.

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