Stitch Fix’s Denise Novosel on Developing Successful Talent Strategies

Stitch Fix’s Denise Novosel on Developing Successful Talent Strategies

Denise Novosel is the VP of Recruiting for personal styling service Stitch Fix. She spends her days crafting effective talent acquisition strategies for the brand. Before joining Stitch Fix, Denise was a senior talent leader at Nike and Microsoft. She and Roy break down the elements of world class talent acquisition models, recruiting best practices, and current talent market dynamics.


  • Her path to becoming a talent acquisition leader (1:52)
  • Key elements in an effective talent strategy (5:18)
  • Planning for long term success in recruiting (6:18)
  • The systems and tools that help streamline the hiring process (7:16)
  • Offering candidates a positive experience (8:40)
  • Comparing talent acquisition processes at Microsoft and Nike (11:01)
  • Shifting from a leader-led model to a recruiter-led model (12:59)
  • The benefits of being a hands-on talent acquisition leader (18:42)
  • How Denise evaluates candidates at an executive level (19:58)
  • Recruiting recruiters and what makes a great talent acquisition professional (21:40)
  • How the COVID 19 pandemic has changed the talent landscape (23:33)

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