Darcy Winslow on setting the stage for Nike’s long-range sustainability initiatives, values-driven leadership, and systems change.

Darcy Winslow is an inspiring leader whose decades of experience at Nike and sustainability-focused nonprofits have cemented her legacy as a forward-thinking, values-driven executive.

Darcy joins Roy to discuss her foundational experiences at Nike, the necessity for authenticity in effective leadership, her vision for building networks of future leaders and system thinkers, her unique perspective on assembling teams that can collectively work towards widespread, positive change, and much more.


  • Darcy’s career journey and sustainability achievements (1:50)
  • Experiences that influenced her leadership approach (7:25)
  • How Darcy was able to put sustainability on the radar at Nike (9:30)
  • Contemplating and incorporating values as part of her leadership (12:46)
  • The inner and outer journey of a leader (14:06)
  • How Darcy’s experience influenced her approach to hiring (15:02)
  • Examples of hiring successes and challenges (16:46)
  • How she inspired leaders to integrate and scale sustainability (18:37)
  • Her connection and work with MIT’s Peter Senge (21:04)
  • The vision and accomplishments of the ASC (22:36)
  • How leaders and businesses can affect positive change in the climate crisis (23:47)
  • The Magnolia Moonshot 2030 Project (26:23)
  • Advice for current and emerging leaders (28:22)

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