Big Path Capital Impact CEO Series: The future of hiring

Big Path Impact CEO Summit - Leaders using business as a force for good.

The Future of Hiring Webinar – How the largest health and social crises of our era have changed the game.

For many leaders, the pandemic and social unrest of 2020 generated a unique opportunity to rethink, realign, and rapidly evolve for a better and more efficient hiring future. Despite record unemployment, the stage is set for a great rehire that is already underway in many consumer sectors. Conventional hiring practices, boundaries and barriers have been challenged and replaced with more nimble, equitable, and flexible approaches that are here to stay.

Panel moderator

Roy Notowitz, President of Noto Group Executive Search

On the panel

Melanie Dulbecco, CEO of Torani
Zane Adams, Co-CEO of Buchi Kombucha
Miguel McKelvey, Co-Founder of We Work

Leaders using business as a force for good

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