Our Anti-Coffee-Cup Challenge

The Notogroup team relies a lot on coffee to keep us fueled throughout the work week. With our Stumptown coffee obsession, it seems like we go through a lot of paper coffee cups. To jump start our commitment to drinking our coffee from reusable mugs, we are holding a 30 day Anti-Coffee-Cup Team Challenge.

If someone buys coffee in a paper cup, they owe $1 to the pool.  The person to use the least number of cups at the end of the 30 days wins the pool!

We hope this inspires you to start your own challenge.  Stay tuned for updates on our progress!

Roy Notowitz

Roy is the Founder and President of Noto Group. Over the past 20 years, Roy has been a trusted talent acquisition adviser to hundreds of leading consumer products, technology, and non-profit organizations nationwide. Roy was a recipient of the Sporting Goods Business SGB 40 Under 40 industry award. He has written for, and addressed, groups such as the American Marketing Association, American Electronics Association, Gear Trends, and the Outdoor Industry Association on topics that include talent alignment, hiring trends, executive recruiting, interviewing and selection.

In 2019, Roy launched How I Hire, a podcast that taps into the best executive hiring advice and insights through conversations with top industry leaders.

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