Aimée Lapic, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer at GoPro

Aimée Lapic is the Chief Digital and Marketing Officer at GoPro. Before joining GoPro, she served as CMO at Pandora. She spent over 14 years with Gap, Inc. in various roles, including CMO of Banana Republic and SVP and GM of International Gap Outlet. Aimée was featured in the top 50 on Forbes’ Most Influential CMOs list in 2018. She has built world-class teams and driven results through her leadership and effective approach to hiring. Because Aimée was hired at GoPro in the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic, she has a unique take on virtual hiring and remote onboarding.



  • How Aimée’s background has shaped her leadership (3:32)
  • What it takes to be a great CMO (5:09)
  • Her approach to hiring (7:17)
  • Balancing creative and analytical team capabilities (11:22)
  • What she looks for in candidates (12:37)
  • The questions she asks in interviews (14:13)
  • Why positivity is integral to her philosophy (17:41)
  • Her experience being hired virtually (19:48)
  • How being remote has changed her approach (20:49)
  • What Aimée has learned from hiring mistakes (25:36)
  • How company culture and decision-making influence hiring (26:57)

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