3 tips for staying zen in the Expo West aisles

The aisles at Expo West get busier and busier every year, which can test your patience and make it more difficult to get to meetings on time. There’s a lot to see, from the latest collagen protein powder to CBD tea, but how do you keep your cool in slow moving aisles?


1. Yoga

Go to the early morning yoga – Join a couple hundred of your closest friends for yoga on the Grand Plaza to set a positive tone for the day. Practicing your deep breaths can help you kick it in during moments of stress on the show floor.

2. Hydrate

It’s hard to get hangry in a hall full of amazing organic food and delicious snacks, but dehydration can make you extra irritable and drinking water can be an afterthought. Shots of kombucha, coffee, and matcha are great but water helps increases energy and relieves fatigue. Stay hydrates at the sow by bringing a reusable water bottle and keeping it with you at all times.

3. Smile

It might feel goofy, but smiling at a stranger creates a “we’re all in it together” vibe and helps you see past the situation. Your new friend may also be able to show you the way to a hot new vegan yogurt brand you’ve never heard of.

Keep your cool and we will see you on the floor!

Credit: Natalya Lobanova/Buzzfeed