Celebrating 10 Years as a B Corp

Certified B Corporation - We Go Beyond

Noto Group underwent its 4th successful re-certification process and surpassed the 10-year milestone mark as a Certified B-Corporation! The 6-month certification process was led by our resident ‘B-Keeper’ and Lead Researcher Adolfo Portillo! His diligent, organized, and detailed approach was instrumental and our overall Impact score increased by 4.3 points to 89.3! Our team is grateful for Adolfo’s leadership and contribution to this effort. 

About B-Corps: Certified B Corporations™ are businesses that do more than make a profit. B Corps™ prioritize people and our planet in everything they do. Today, there are more than 5,916 Certified B Corps from 85 countries and over 150 industries working together toward one unifying goal: to redefine success in business. Some of our B-corp clients and partners include: Big Path Capital, Guayaki Yerba Matte, Mayfly Outdoors, New Seasons Market, Pure Synergy, and Stumptown Coffee.

Achieving B Corp certification is quite an honor, but it is not the finish line. We continuously measure and evaluate our progress and look for ways to improve.