Why Recruiting Looks Easy

Article written by Miles Jennings. Originally published at http://www.recruiter.com/i/why-recruiting-looks-easy/. There is an absolutely wonderful children’s book called 20 Heartbeats about a painter who paints a horse for a very wealthy man. I hate to ruin it for you, but I have to say what happens. The rich man pays this famous painter to paint his […]

B Corps: We Failed, then Prevailed!

As the saying goes, “nothing worthwhile comes easily.” At Notogroup, we found this to be true after the comprehensive certification process that we went through to become a certified B Corp. To become a certified B Corp, also called a “benefit corporation,” a company has to meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, […]

Top Five Telltale Interview Filters

I’m not sure exactly how many in-depth candidate interviews I have conducted over the past 17 years, but I am fairly certain the number is over 10,000. By necessity, I have had to learn how to avoid wasting precious time barking up the wrong tree in pursuit of mediocre talent. Over the years, I have […]

How To Make Your Move

New Year’s Job Hunting I’ll bet a carton of leftover eggnog that more people will resolve to ‘find a new job’ in the coming months than at any other time of the year. If that resolution made your list, consider these points while the holiday hangover subsides. Start with the end in mind. Be specific about your […]

5 Tips to Land Top Candidates Amidst Multiple Offers

Highly desirable candidates know that they’re in demand. They can bank on their relationships and professional equity in a big way. And due to our increasing interconnectedness, top candidates know about more opportunities and get more job offers. It is safe to assume that your top candidates are weighing your company and geography against other […]

Social Recruiting: Not Just a Buzzword

Although it may have taken a bit of time for the recruiting industry, we have now surpassed the tipping point. Today 9 in 10 jobseekers have a profile on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter and 54% of all jobseekers use LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter to find leads on job opportunities. Investing in your online networks is going to play a big part in landing top talent as the Millennials enter management in the coming years.

Advice on how to break into the Outdoor Industry

We are fortunate to have many clients in the athletic, outdoor, and sporting goods industry. Recently, many of my contacts inside and outside the industry have had kids or relatives in college who are interested in “getting a foot in the door” for entry-level positions. Here is the advice I have given to them: Don’t […]

Creative Benefits to Engage, Motivate, and Retain

Notogroup Guest Blogger: Kyle Lagunas, HR Analyst at Software Advice The lines between work and personal lives are blurring for many employees. They’re seeking balance between the two, and are finding value in the ability to choose the specific benefits that best meet their needs at this point in their lives. And employers are learning that, […]

Millennial Ambition Pummels Objectivity

Recently, an unexpected candidate surprised me while I was whittling my list of national talent down to a few white-hot General Manager / President (GM) prospects. At 30, “Dave” had already compiled an impressive array of accomplishment, including the successful management of a retail team of 30. Generally, I advocate for high-potential talent growing into […]

Virtual Recruiting Goes Old School

When I first became an executive recruiter, there was no computer on my desk; just a shoebox full of 4×6 note cards with contacts’ information. Newspaper advertising was still an effective means of generating a candidate pool, and the ‘facsimile’ was the vogue way to transmit résumés. The trusty telephone –and a healthy network- served […]

Protecting Your Recruitment Investment

What would happen if every other e-mail went to the wrong inbox? Or if Starbucks messed up every other order? Or if doctors made the wrong diagnosis 50% of the time? A lot of dissatisfied customers and significant lawsuits, for a start. Would it surprise you to learn that the same rate of failure exists in executive hiring?

It’s Not Over ‘Til it’s Over; Helping Candidates Quit

Resigned to Resign The moment of truth is often not when the candidate accepts your offer, but when they actually go to resign. As recruiters’, we often pat ourselves on the back when a candidate accepts a job offer and agrees to make the leap to a new company. However, any recruiter who has been […]

Quit Your Job with Grace

Announcing a departure irreversibly changes relationship dynamics and brands you as a liability. So, once you have let the cat out of the bag about your decision to leave, there is no going back. Before handing in your notice, consider a little preparation.

Job Search Strategy: “Crash Course” Podcast

Do you know someone who would be interested in a 10 minute “crash course” on basic job search strategy and tactics? If so, this podcast offers plain and simple advice gleaned from my years of experience as an executive search consultant working for top companies nationwide.

“Green 2.0” The Eco-Index

Lately, the mythical silver bullet for our ailing economy has taken on an emerald hue. While “green jobs” have been heralded as a source of employment, the true complexities of “eco” are just starting to take shape. The proactive executive who embraces this change ahead of the curve will tap an enormous opportunity. If you want to be credible and marketable in the future, you need to take action now.

Think Global, Recruit Local.

“Eat locally produced food.”
“Support the local economy.”
“Recruit from your local talent pool.”

While ‘my’ eccentric Portland may actively embody the first two statements, it -along with the rest of the country- could still benefit from the third. Aside from the associated warm-n-fuzzy feelings, the slew of advantages from hiring locally just makes good business sense. Let’s take a look at what your company has to gain by recruiting locally. First thing’s first…

Five Ways to Boost Your Career at a Trade Show

Woe for those who rely on job boards and advertisements to advance their careers. The cold truth is that most job vacancies are filled by word-of-mouth referrals and established relationships.

If you are ready to cultivate job opportunities rather than idly wait for them, take a look at trade shows. You will have to be on your game in this high-energy arena. Whether you’re actively looking for change or just flirting with the idea, these tips will help you attract the attention and earn the esteem of your target employer.

Brave Hiring: No Guts, No Glory.

Last month, five international oil companies were chastised by the US Congress for having near identical spill-response plans. Putting aside questions of negligence and complacency, this tragedy highlights the risk of only hiring from a talent pool with industry-specific experience. Tight-knit industry clusters breed mediocrity. If BP had not used the inadequate industry boilerplate, then perhaps their spill-response may have had more success.